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Fundraiser for New York Fashion Week

My name is Quinn Caroline Guthrie and I am an emerging fashion designer getting ready to show my newest collection at NYFW! Participating in NYFW is an amazing opportunity, but as a young designer it is also an expensive endeavor. I knew I'd need help financing this experience, but I didn't want to simply fundraise money without giving my supporters something in return.


I decided the most valuable thing I can give my supporters is the full story behind creating my newest collection. With a donation of $5 you will be added to an exclusive email list where I will send monthly updates with behind the scenes photos of the collection process and a deep dive into the creation of 1 full look. With a donation of $20 you also receive a Quinn Caroline Sticker & Mini HairBow Clip set in the mail!

NYFW Collection Newsletter
Next edition dropping July 15th!

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