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A shopping experience like no other

In our busy society, many fast fashion companies have lost sight of the beauty in Fashion Design. Fashion should be about more than just a finished product and Quinn Caroline hopes to bring the joy and creativity of the design process to everyone. I share this process through our custom prints, design accounts on social media, and Collection Cards included with every order.

What is a Collection Card? 


A Collection Card is a physical card included with every purchase. These cards are unique to each collection and contain information on the inspiration behind the designs, the unique print(s) used throughout the collection, it's release date, and a signature from the designer. 


These cards can be collected, used to write a personalized message for gifts, or stored with your garment to remember the story of this truly special piece.

How is Quinn Caroline Sustainable?


At Quinn Caroline we strive to make clothing for our customers that will last for years and can be past down from mothers, to daughters, to sisters, and friends. We hope each person who wears our clothes can feel the exquisite attention to detail in our design stories and continue the story telling throughout each garments life with their own memories, anecdotes, and pictures. 

How can I find Quinn Caroline on social media? 


We are currently available on two social media platforms; Instagram  and TikTok. Please check out our latest designs by searching the account name @QuinnCarolineDesigns

Share Your Story

At Quinn Caroline we believe every design has a story and we'd love to hear all the stories you create while wearing your Quinn Caroline pieces.  

to show our appreciation, for every new story you share with us  we will email you a personalized discount code* that can be used towards your next purchase.  


*please note it may take up to 48 hours to receive your discount code :)

Thanks for sharing your story!

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